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Success stories

IP human resources training company is a legal entity, recently ran into financial difficulties, early consultation with the many Auto mortgage loan companies, many companies in the early 100% promises to their lending, they see credit reports on Yap said "no"! Because leaf's higher debt ratio, currently has 260,000 in debt, so many companies have insufficient repayment ability is important, so do not give Mr IP cooperation.
ye found us in the end, complete data preparation, although not property , debt is high, But the company has physical offices, say, water properly, after initial examination, can give lenders and appraisers to assess leaf car loan of 100,000. Leaves without buying the whole car stolen emergency handle vehicle registration when you are finished, we went to ping an insurance, discovered that the stolen emergency 140, really cheap! Back to GPS installed master quickly installed, installing the loan in less than 30 minutes. Mr Zhu Ye business is booming!