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Build housing policy-oriented financial institutions in China will finance residents purchase

housing problem of high housing prices, the Chinese Government is seeking to "strengthen control" Outside the way. reporters learned that the Chinese Government has started to deploy housing policy-oriented financial institutions relating to preparatory work, this institution will serve to purchase basic housing offering low prices and the improvement of living conditions of funding support.


now In accordance with the unified arrangements of the State Council, people's Bank, China Banking Regulatory Commission, the Department of housing and urban-rural development (hereinafter "the Ministry of housing"), and other relevant departments, has started to study the feasibility of establishing a housing policy-oriented financial institutions program. Housing Ministry has listed it as the 2014 will focus on the tasks involved.  


Two authoritative and independent sources confirmed that the establishment of housing finance policy discussions after China's top decision-making body, and have been fully recognized. In this context, the State Department deployed about preliminary studies. Now deploy policies and regulations of the Department of housing Secretary, real estate regulatory Division, housing Division, Centre for policy research and other relevant divisions of the Department of housing business and researchers to undertake this work.  


So-called policy financial institution is run by a Government or Government agency, financed the creation, equity or guarantees, not to maximize profits for the business purpose and policy in specific areas of business financing, to follow up and meet the Government's social and economic policies or intentions of financial institutions.


after reform and opening up, The Chinese Government has set up the National Development Bank, the export and Import Bank, agriculture policy financial institutions, including development banks, infrastructure construction and urban-rural integration, import and export, agricultural modernization and other fields to provide loans and other financial support, but in the area of housing, policy-oriented financial institutions have been in a blank State.


now Establishment of housing policy financial institution's work is in the early study and demonstration phase, and the path has been set in concrete ways. In the feasibility study process, housing policy financial institution capital, business scope, operation, safety and so on, are involved. Fund study in the areas of process, financial contributions or any other means in the context of discussion, but not to the final stage.


, meanwhile, In business range and running way of discussion process in the, for city General residents of first purchase and improved live conditions provides funds support in must degree Shang made consensus, and its specific of support method, in discussion process in the also involved has directly provides below market interest rate level of offers personal purchase mortgage loan, and for meet conditions of residents purchase commercial loan provides guarantees, way, but are no eventually determine sex of conclusion.  


In sync through the housing policy of the housing security system financial institutions in order to solve the housing problem of residents, is a common practice in developed market economy countries. Has led to the financial crisis the United States Fannie and Freddie-and Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac is mainly for the residents and low-income housing loan guarantees or loans, and derivatives of it.