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China chain hundred enterprises 60% access PayPal has become the mainstream payment methods

mobile payment has changed part of Chinese people's consumption habits , Payment by mobile phone is becoming the people's normal life. Eating, shopping, taxi, doctor ... ... Even without the wallet, also had a decent day in the city.


according to PayPal, a report showed < span style="font-family:''Times New Roman'';" >2014 China chain hundred enterprises have been 58 access PayPal. The top list is published by the China chain store and Franchise Association, covered retailing, supermarkets, convenience stores, grocery stores, restaurants, entertainment, home and other famous chain brand in the industry.


list, not only has the world 500 stronger, such as Wal-Mart, Carrefour, McDonald's, IKEA, there are well-known RT, century Lianhua, Watson. Users in the consumption of these businesses will no longer take cash or bank card, just a smart phone, pay by PayPal can easily.


with mobile payments and O2O rapid development at home, offline retailers 2013 years begin to access PayPal, Alipay announced that under the current line has more than 30 stores support PayPal payment.


on the premise of the continued strengthening of the force , Combined with cooperation deepening in the form of PayPal and merchant, access PayPal chain merchant number will continue to grow at high speed.


Analysys think tank issued by 2015 2 quarter quarterly third party mobile payments test reports according to the 2015 2 quarter Third party mobile payment market transaction volume up to 3.5 trillion yuan, Alipay more than 74% absolute market share lead. This year 6 month, Kai O2O reputation network services platform, comprehensive network access to Word of mouth and tens of thousands of Word of mouth business. Just three months, and this year has exceeded the amount of reputation during the national holiday order 160 million, growth rate far exceeding the industry average.


analysts pointed out that China chain hundred enterprises with a strong market presence and huge consumer groups, business groups, have a direct impact and coverage to the vast majority of Chinese consumers, it also marked Alipay has become the mainstream payment with the cash, bank cards side by side.

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