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December mortgage "stop the tide of" spread in Changchun found two "stop" banking

near the end of the year, Bank's loan appraisal, mortgage interest rates, tightening are the themes. Recently, after 360 Institute published the China's mortgage market analysis report December, the survey showed, in 62 cities, appear in 40 cities, including Changchun moratorium on mortgages, "stop the tide peak". Changchun 14 mortgage banks, two banks have stopped lending, stop (the city has stopped lending bank number/total number of mortgage banks in the city) is 14.29%, at 40 centers in the city.  

"stop-wave peak"

The thaw 360 survey sample selection November 12 to 12th. 62 surveyed cities, 40 cities have suspended mortgage, part of the city's first commercial loan interest rate not only bid farewell to "discount", also on the benchmark interest rate floating range 5%~30%; second implementation rates range up 10%~40%, a bank in Guangzhou top floating 40%, interest rates of up to 9.17%, setting a record for the year.

since December, the housing market, the National Bank "stop the tide" spread peak stop gradually by one or two lines of urban development of cities throughout the country, stop product has gradually expanded from only two suites to first, stop-banks by commercial banks are also gradually extended to state-owned banks.

displayed after 360 access data of December 12, 14 in Changchun mortgage banks, two banks have stopped lending and stop loans accounted for 14.29%. Appeared in 40 cities to suspend mortgage, stop-the highest proportion of Taiyuan 33.33%, lowest in the Shijiazhuang city 6.67%.  

mortgage lending most of the time will be rescheduled next year

First home mortgage loan rate discount rate decreased, remained in the benchmark interest rate levels. After 360 monitoring data show, first you can do 85 percent off the city only in Shanghai, Beijing, Ningbo, Wuxi, Qingdao 5 cities, other cities including Changchun, basic to the base rate or higher.

62 major cities after 360 mapping the country nearly 800 Bank survey for first home mortgage applications, 11.81% Bank says have stopped lending. Entered in December, tightening mortgage and further tightening for months, banks acknowledged that current mortgage loan time is longer than in the past. Near the end, the banks will usher in the end of the loan-check moment, mortgage lending most of the time be extended into next year.  


limited impact on the property market

"as housing continued to attack, bank loans are increasingly tight. Bank loans, the impact of stop-limit more apparent. "Thaw 360 experts analysis think, although in loan interest rate increased plus limited loan, and limited purchased upgrade of overlay policy effect Xia, market wait-and-see mood aggravated, property Alice tail market appeared of possibilities is unlikely to, but property of supply and demand relationship and didn't substantive change of situation Xia, sold still more hot, credit of effect also no to shake whole real estate market changes. Overall, the limited impact on the market, not to destabilise the market trend. Subject to bank loans, stop-most are just needed funds and weak buying crowd.