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Jianyang city Federation of trade unions Trade Union business micro loan payment

December 28 the reporter learns, jianyang city Federation of trade unions recently held a ceremony to 2013 the Union business micro loan payments issued, jianyang municipal Standing Committee, Federation President Gu Xiaoling as PA power, the four season porch farm, stone chisel town pig-raising cooperative 6 business base, such as micro-credit, release of 102,000 yuan Trade Union micro-loan funds.

in Union business micro loan funds ceremony, as micro-borrowers Union business base, jianyang, the owners have about their own careers, and talk about the entrepreneurial experiences and difficulties encountered in the development. Gu Xiaoling owners expressed appreciation for the spirit of hard work, hard work developed, requires the jianyang city Federation of trade unions to use the micro-loan policy and guide in the process of helping the business base is good, good service, in the promotion of workers, migrant workers and university graduates entrepreneurship, played an active role in the promotion of full employment. I hope that entrepreneurs use the micro-loan funds to fully develop the enterprises, strive to become bigger and stronger industry, jianyang and make its due contribution to the building.