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Latest benchmark lending rate (June 28, 2015)

People's Bank of China, on June 28, 2015 will lower financial institutions ' lending and deposit rate to further reduce corporate financing costs. Among them, the financial institutions cut its benchmark one-year lending rate from 0.25% to 4.85%; cut its benchmark one-year deposit rate 0.25% to 2%; other various grades of loan and deposit interest rates, personal Housing accumulation Fund Deposit and loan interest rates adjusted accordingly. The Central Bank cut interest rates for the third time in the 2015, the rate cuts since 2007, has fallen to a historic low.
 : June 28, 2015 after the latest Deposit rate For

, Urban and rural residents and units in the Bank 
(A) current accounts0.35
(B) lump-sum deposit 
The three-month1.60
Half a year1.80
A year2.00
Two years2.60
Three years3.25

Two: The June 28, 2015 After the latest benchmark lending rates as follows:
Within one year (including one year)4.85
1-5 (five years)5.25
More than five years5.40

   Three: The June 28, 2015 After rate cut Provident Fund loans Interest rate:
Five years of age (five years)3.00
More than five years3.50