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Lending a witness must bear in mind

in daily life, should raise the awareness of risk, do not easily in the other person's IOU, ious borrowed credentials anywhere on the signature, so as not to take unnecessary civil liability.  


Especially should pay attention to is the "witness", "your testimony to us, you don't have to pay back the money, don't you" so silly signatures, so trouble is coming!!

as witnesses when you signatures, signature and position is wrong, it could be viewed as co-borrower or the guarantor. At this time, you only cry foul, and eggs, and also take appropriate responsibility.  

points to note:

Signed as witnesses, at the time of signature should indicate that the "witness" status, write "witnesses", after the words, next to signing his name, otherwise probably be another signature, add before "borrower", "guarantor", the words ".   

also have friends as witnesses

, To write his name in the borrower or guarantor signature behind or below, is likely to be considered is a co-borrower or guarantor, such cases one after another.

according to informal credit in effect on September 1, 2015, the Supreme People's Court on application of laws in a number of provisions of article 21st of "others note, receipt, IOU, certificate or loan contract signed or sealed, But did not indicate their identity or assume liability of the guarantor, or through other facts could not be presumed guarantee, lenders requested their guarantees responsibility, people's Court does not support ".

have law to protect unsuspecting witnesses, but when the signatories cannot provide evidence of identity was the only witness to the time of signature, or according to any other presumption of fact cannot be proved to be at the witness, may was found to assume the borrowers ' repayment responsibilities or warranties.

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