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Mortgage remaining 200,000 yuan to the early part of the loan?

near the end of the, some hold their year-end house slaves and prepayment Impulses. In 2010, home buyers, the remaining principal and more than 200,000 yuan Zhu is a member. He has 30,000 bonus years, intended to advance replacement of the part.

Advisory to the Bank, Bank Manager said, the length of the loan less than 3 years of customer, prepayment 4% fees required to pay the remaining principal. Zhu was unsure whether to buy?

4% the remaining principal will be charged fees if the lending banks, Mr Zhu is also early repayment? We can count. Zhu, with 85 percent of the benchmark interest rate loan of 360,000 yuan. At present, the monthly mortgage repayment of about 4000 Yuan, if the December prepayment of 30,000 yuan, next month on the monthly payments will be reduced to about 3500. Therefore, only 1 monthly payment will reduce the overhead of 6000 Yuan, and total savings in interest payments will be up to about 8000. But if you want to reap the benefits, to pay nearly 10,000 yuan in fees. So that works out to, not only the province money, there are losses. If the prepayment plan postponed until December next year, payments for one-time reduction of 531 Yuan a month after month, and the total interest payments on loans for more than 6,400 Yuan. Although interest on loans less, but because the loan is more than 3 years without payment of fees, it is still appropriate. BACK