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New House is coming! 2016 when you buy a House

 12 21st, this year's central economic work Conference come to an end, don't think that I have no relationship with your, which one of the main characters, you hate is love "room". Broadcast: the central economic work Conference pointed out that one of the five major tasks for economic and social development next year, is to resolve real estate inventory. Frankly speaking, that is chosen to hoard too much now, pockets of the country needs everyone, real estate inventory. From the "official" estimate on China real estate inventory of approximately 6 United States Uptown Manhattan so much, but ... ... Truth is, the solid, industry sources, domestic real estate inventory could be as high as 60 or 600 Uptown Manhattan has more than. Such a large inventory, which go from here?


Planning June turned see has about this two days of daily, December 23, daily on published a article name for so more House, what how sold of articles, paper in the pointed out that: currently of inventory pressure light by Government stimulus needs to digest I'm afraid hard, although last year second half of to Government gradually canceled has various limited purchased policy, but property warmer still slow. Article added, dissolve the housing inventory also depends on developers, so that the appropriate price is the wise choice, after all, buying a House will have to see people's faces. Short oil, has been speaking for Justice of the people's daily said, did prices fall?

now, out of the line of the city planning or the real estate, loan interest rate, and other possible policy, to give you a comprehensive analysis, what I should buy a house next year. 1, the line of the city, knew a different life for first-tier cities, from this year's house price trends, no rose or fell. That next year there will be fluctuation, please? Planning Grand view, highly unlikely that rises and falls, rate probably was steady, up, for two reasons: first, a city land becomes more expensive, developers even beyond the cost of the sale price. In other words, inventory of first-tier cities are now dead stock, does not have a lot of new inventory in the future. So, if you're still waiting for the developer price, you reap the fisherman, and is out of the question; second, the first-tier cities, population density, and will not in the future there is a clear downward trend. Although everyone says "flee North Canton", but very few really determined to leave. Still in great demand. For second-tier cities, home prices will remain under pressure next year. In simple terms, prices in second-tier cities differentiation will increase, subway, school district, CCP peripheral basic facilities such as housing is concerned, still value, but no advantage for those qualities and lots of house price bubbles are squeezed is inevitable. For three or four cities, form would be more severe than in second-tier cities, the price fall could be greater. 2, next year's mortgage rates may be lower from the economic environment, 2016 will continue to pursue accommodative monetary policy, that is to say, likely will continue to cut interest rates drop next year, the most direct influence is, less mortgage interest. Kids can calculate, you mortgage is only about half of the loan principal, leaving behind the interest, so the rate cut was great good news for house slaves. Planning June has been suggested, try to buy, especially in the general trend of the interest rate cut. 3, exposing the sharp corner of the housing policy will come? Said all this environment, but this year there are a lot of policy has been advocated many times on the House, planning June's bold prediction about these policies, whether next year will come true ~

 A, property taxes, what are you coming or not? Shouting most of this year's policy, not "property taxes" not belong to. Whether property taxes will immediately implement them? Planning June projections, will not be implemented immediately. Although property tax pilot has been around a long time, but only in the cities of Shanghai and Chongqing experimental result is much resistance, has not spread spread. And 2016 will be the inflection point real estate inventory, in order to stimulate people to buy a House, property taxes in the last two or three years should not immediately carried out.

 B, rent instead of mortgages, will universal do? Spent this year on the sale of some of the housing programmes "rent for the home loans", attracted a lot of attention. Indeed, this is a very good way to inventory, but implementation difficult, because this relates to depreciation, and many other issues. Of course, planning Grand view, China vanke, a promotional mode, could lead to a lot of developers to follow suit, but not too wide range.

c, buying the Government subsidies? The Government can force developers to cut prices? Recently, revealed news of many local government subsidies to buy a House, for example, introduced a measure to stimulate the real estate market in Wuhu city, Anhui Province, including members of the public to buy a new home tax subsidies 50%, buyers can save more than million cost. These good news make small companions started YY, thinking maybe tomorrow will subsidize more ... ... However, calm and think Government is not stupid, everyone fill a buy tens of thousands of Yuan, is certainly not the reality. So planning your rationality to predict, even with welfare benefits and for special groups, such as farmers.

and spoken parts of these policies is to stab (TI ǎ o) cream (d result of u) you to buy a House, directly give you a suite, or wipe away tears red sale, stop dreaming. 4, and planning June reviewed if you is just (p í NG) needed (m í n)--may wish to while now policy good, and interest rate low, to loan buy sets quality property, to himself Ann a home; if you is voted (t ǔ) funding (h á o)--can investment three class property: school district room, and Metro room, and has place features of hot CCP or regional residential, even prices bubble extrusion, is gold in which will glow, quality property of investment value still continued exists.