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No ious when 70,000 yuan to repay nearly washed up

in private lending in many cases, legal persons or the industry will often remind borrowers retain the IOU as written, prevent future disputes, interests. A lot of people only pay attention to ious if consultations on topics such as how to write or interest, as everyone knows, if payments do not pay attention to take back the IOU, is likely to be "countered" a hand.  

case history

Xiao Han couple sunflower seed business, small businesses, had sailed, but the phenomenon of last year's acquisition of sunflower seed funding breaks. Han and his wife Chen turned to friends for help, Chen was generously borrow 70,000 yuan to the emergency Korean couple.

after six months, the little Korean couple to buy sunflower seeds are doing better business, they raised 70,000 yuan in cash, with gifts such as fruit, delivered to Chen in the past. Chen hedged IOU lost, Han and his wife do not care, put down the cash to say some words of thanks, and went home.

who knew soon after, Han and his wife received summons from Bank, Chen not to borrow $ 70,000 yuan for the little Korean couple told to the Court. Han and his wife did not take back the ious, but pay back, Han yigexinyan, payments issued on the spot settlement of arrears and a written "Han and Chen accounts settled before" liquidation of accounts shows that it will not be dodged. Court finally dismissed Chen's claim according to law.  

small thaw reviews

Repayment should be back in the other hand when the ious, which is considered a loan program completely through. But a lot of people out of carelessness and the confidence of creditors, often forget to get back to ious. With loyal friend, meet with tilted head, is likely to bite you in the ass, say you don't have a repayment. If a borrower is careless, instead of going back to ious, but without any evidence, is likely to be exposed to huge losses.