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Personal identification microfinance credible?

currently there are many ads pop up online as long as there is proof of age will be able to get a loan without any collateral. This special for a lot of job insecurity or at work, and funding and liquidity problems people is undoubtedly the Gospel, but as to the sources of income of poor loan of commercial organizations, really so relaxed lending terms? That is personal ID microfinance credible?  

achieve personal identification of micro-loans in the market generally consists of two species:

First proof micro-loans are unsecured credit , do not need collateral, but for unsecured loans Need supporting information is much more than ID cards will also need to provide proof of income, proof of residence, proof of a range of materials and ID card is only a necessary condition, which are usually stunt on the Web site.

second proof micro-loans are secured loans, this type of loan you need to provide less material, but for the guarantor requirements are relatively high, the guarantor needs to have a steady income, steady jobs and are willing to vouch for you, In this case if you use a personal identification card to prove their identity and an eligible guarantor is willing to vouch for you, you can also borrow money.

melted 360 remind you that many criminals take advantage of borrowers eager to raise money, to microcredit as a starting point for personal identification to obtain property by deception, When you go out if you see those in need to pay fees before the loan funds to the account of loan companies have to be very careful, it is likely that they collect that fee could no longer contact.