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Sichuan Yibin housing common reserve fund loan growth this year near 50%

on December 27, the reporter from the municipal housing Provident Fund Management Center was informed that this year the city's housing Provident Fund management achieved brilliant results, housing common reserve fund loan growth 50%, provides strong support for workers to improve their living conditions.

this year, the municipal housing fund management center of "improving the housing conditions of workers, strengthening the function of housing security" as the goal, adhering to the "housing, services for the people," purposes and "loyalty, dedication, innovation and harmony" management concepts as well as "strive for first-class, the country's leading centers in the province" of development, scientific development, forge ahead, In order to expand coverage of housing accumulation fund system, improve the rate of housing accumulation Fund, and constantly improve the quality of service and service level, ensuring sustained and healthy development of housing accumulation Fund in our city.

in January-December, the amount of the city's new housing Provident Fund deposit 2.425 billion yuan, up 24.3%, allocation of housing accumulation Fund Loan 1.615 billion yuan, an increase of 48.71% to achieve incremental benefit of 121 million Yuan, an increase of 8%, extraction and low-rent housing supplement 40.25 million Yuan, up 4.7 times.

it is understood that by the end of this year, the city's housing accumulation fund system the number of more than 254900 people, total housing Provident Fund deposit 11.427 billion yuan, housing Provident Fund deposit balances of 6.623 billion yuan, housing Provident Fund scheme coverage is 72.8% ; The city housing provident fund housing loans to individuals granted 8.484 billion yuan, 5.638 billion yuan housing accumulation Fund loan balances, housing common reserve fund loan rate 85.22%, personal loans overdue overdue rate is 0.03 per thousand.